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Website Update
9/30/2009 Ywain should display in the reports now. Send an email to support@gamescape.com if something isn't showing up.

9/23/2009 We'll start updating character stats again when the herald has data available for the new cluster.

1/11/2008 We've fixed some data collection bugs. Maulers and Minotaurs are finally in the report. Guilds with apostrophes in their name are now in the report. All data is collected every day. Data for Akatsuki is now collected. If you can't find your character or guild, please email us support@gamescape.com.

11-16-2006 We've added support for the Minotaur and Mauler. They should start showing up in reports soon. If you have a Minotaur or a Mauler that isn't showing up in the reports, please send us an email.

10-19-2006 All of the results url links should work now. Please let us know if something isn't working.

10-17-2006 The results url link isn't supported on all reports. We will have that fixed later today.

We've made a lot of the requested updates we've received over the past few months. You can read more about the updates here. We made a lot of changes to the database and had to purge the data. We are in the process of collecting all of the data. You may run into errors on the website until data collection is complete. We'll make another post when we think everything should be working. Until then, please do not report any errors. We do appreciate comments so feel free to comment on our forums or send us email.

Under the Reports menu, you can view population, realm points, rankings, and other useful information.

Under the Gameplay menu, you will find useful information about Dark Age of Camelot such as magic resistances, weapon effectiveness, class and race combinations, and other useful information.

Under the Find menu, you can search for your character and then view ranking details concerning your character. If you didn't make any of the top 100 lists and want to see where you rank for various realm versus realm information, search for your character and then click on your character's name.

Under the Log Parsers menu, you can copy and paste /random rolls from your chat log to get an automatically sorted list of the rolls.

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