Q: How do you get the realm point data?
A: We parse the xml and html files at The Camelot Hearld and store the information in our own database.

Q: How often do you update the website?
A: We update the realm point information every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. We update the kills information (Solo Kills, Deathblows, etc...) every Tuesday and Thursday.

Q: Why can't I find my character?
A: There are many reasons. Please check the list below. If you meet all of the requirements, please send us an email with your server name and character name.

  1. You must belong to a guild. There isn't a convenient way for us to track unguilded characters.
  2. Guilds must have more than one active character to show up on the Herald. If this is the case for you, please send us an email with your server name and guild name.
  3. You must make sure you have set /webdisplay nopoints to on and /webdisplay trades to on.
  4. You must get at least 1 realm point to show up in the kills reports. Yes, we know you can kill the dragon and other epic monsters without getting a single realm point. It makes data collection easier for us because it's the only way we can distinguish those who have turned off their web display.
  5. We have a bug in our data collection routine. Send us an email with your server name and character name.

Q: How do I contact you about errors or mistakes on your website?
A: Please send an email to support@gamescape.com

Q: Why are Mordred and Gaheris listed as server clusters when they aren't clustered?
A: It makes the queries and data collection easier. We know they aren't clustered.

Q: Why/what are these realms: Battleground, Fallen Realms, Tied, United Realms?
A: Fallen Realms is everyone on Mordred. United Realms is everyone on Gaheris. Battleground deals with keep control in the battlegrounds. Tied concerns Darkness Falls control. Again, it makes things easier if they are treated as realms.

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